Legends speak of my third arm! They're lies however, this is my wife.
Not looking at the camera makes me cool right? demo reel does that
I work so hard for clients that I lose all colour often.
Dedication levels out of this world!

Andy Cowley is a Voice Actor, YouTube Influencer & Twitch Partner. With his online career he has amassed over 250,000 subscribers with 23 million views and climbing!


Andy spent his childhood years being the funny man of the group with his impressions of his favourite characters, it wasn't until later on in life he realised that this skill existed as a career choice! With the help of some incredible voice over professionals such as Deven Mack, Lucien Dodge, Edward Bosco & Kimlinh Tran he entered this wonderfully creative world.

After discovering the incredible world of acting Andy delved head first into the talent pool and has achieved much success in various projects of work including video games, animation & more. Projects such as Garroth Ro'Meave in the popular web series MyStreet, Phoenix Drop High & Minecraft Diaries, Narrator in Dude Stop, Phobos & Deimos from Apotheon, Overworld NPC's in the popular MMO Legend of the nine tailed fox, Slimes in the official Terraria: The Animated Series .

Presently Andy is continuing to work hard on his passion and help breath life into a multitude of roles.​​​


THE ARMORY (Equipment) 

Behringer X1222USB Xenyx

Sennheiser MKH 416 P 48 

Adobe Audition CC

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